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Course Management

Effortless control over training courses.

Create and plan future LMS academic terms and include courses to be offered, faculty, and student intake. You can also set up multiple term types based on institute norms.
Define prerequisites such as programs to be completed, education qualifications, required skill sets and work experience for every program.
Define completion rules for each program, such as credit hours required for program completion, assignments, coursework to be submitted, projects to be completed, and more.
Plan and schedule all your courses for each class period using the academic calendar for students to view, plan, and prepare for assignments, examinations, quizzes and feedback according to the timetable.
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Designing a course curriculum that can adapt to the changing needs of the institution is crucial. It enables you to create courses, define structures, publish and define curriculum, create process flow, and plan fee structure.
Create quizzes from scratch using a highly intuitive LMS quiz creation wizard. After adding course content through files, you can create courses with simple drag and drop features.

Deskera Course Management System allows teachers to create their curriculum, lesson plans and syllabus. They can streamline their course planning with the latest technologies. Course Management System ensures students are aware about what they need to understand about the curriculum and syllabus, what lessons they need to know, how they will be assessed and more. With a Course Management System, institutions can accomplish a lot with limited resources.

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