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Employee Career Progression

Widen your path and grow with your employees.

Deskera Human Capital Management helps organizations to analyze the strengths and limitations of their workforce. It also helps in evolving opportunities that allow business leaders to manage human capital.

Manage the life cycle of employees effectively by organizing and maintaining employees from hire-to-retire.

Deskera Employee Succession Planning provides a wide range of tools to identify and mitigate the risks of lack of succession planning. Detailed analysis tools, such as candidates’ level of performance over time, retention risk and comparisons of candidates across parameters, help the organization to identify risks and quickly fill vacant positions with high-potential top performers.

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Employee Career Progression is an organizational process which involves people, addresses their ambitions, assigns them roles and responsibilities, will commensurate with their potential, evaluates their performance, and creates job positions to accommodate the growth ambitions of employees. With Deskera eTraining, you can manage each employee’s career progression by monitoring the complete lifecycle of the employee using different management tools like career development map, succession planning and more.

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