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Facility Management

Managing and allocating resources.

Define working hours and associated costs for each resource. Manage all resources and assets by grouping resources and defining booking rules.

Allocate facilities to custodians including institute staff and departments. Automatically detect scheduling conflicts.

Specify priorities for each resource booking and ensure availability of each facility for high priority tasks. Send notifications to associated personnel when bookings are canceled, and when suitable alternative resources and dates are suggested.

Facility management preview

Configure and setup your campus facilities in Deskera eTraining Facility Management System. Academic institutions can set up learning centers, multiple campuses and more, in order to build their custom learning infrastructure. Deskera Facility Management Software saves time in managing logistics, facilities and resources. Facilities can be booked by administrative staff for all learning activities including lectures, examinations, seminars and more. Booking of resources by external parties can also be facilitated via the portal. Scheduling conflicts can be detected and resolved by suggesting available assets. Facilities can also be issued and loaned to institute staff and students with appropriate approval routing. Dedicated resource calendars can be viewed and updated to get a complete view of resource usage and availability.

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