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Learning Portfolio Management

Easily maintain and update your skills.

Add your favorite links for building your personalized portfolio.
Add blocks for inserting notes.
Add live video streaming from YouTube to your personalized portfolio.
Drag and drop blocks to customize the layout and arrange it as per your requirements.
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Deskera Learning Portfolio Management software enables you to develop and maintain your personalized learning portfolio. You can add ‘blocks’ for inserting notes, videos, links, resumes and files. You can also add live video streaming from YouTube and maintain multiple portfolios for specific topics, courses or programs. You can define your course portfolio through the articulation of course characteristics such as vision, design, student-faculty-courseware interactions, learning outcomes, and student and faculty performance analysis. Communicate with students, faculty and other stakeholders by defining learning objectives of course activities and processes through updated portfolio. Create, share and manage your resume efficiently.

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