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Training Financial Management

Both inside and outside the organization, management of funds should be balanced properly.

Develop and refine budget estimates for training, from the concept to a concrete plan. Assess the budget implications of proposed scope changes, and justify change orders.

Manage training cost of the organization and get a complete view of the cost associated with the training.

Manage your HR Development Fund (HRDF) in Deskera eTraining from a single window by generating SBL claim form from the system.

Define criteria for grants allocation and track the utilization of the grant.

Financial management preview

Configure multiple fee plans for each course. You can also define multiple payment modes (Cash/Cheque/Credit Card) and payment schedules (Full Payment/Installments/Conditional Partial Payment) and more.

Define currencies and exchange rates, while trainees can choose to view payments in their preferred currencies.

Define discount plans based on various attributes such as time, location, nationality and referrer’s code. Set up different rates for different type of trainees.

Set up scholarships for individual programs and display conditions to avail them. Incorporate multiple funding methods for trainees such as self-funding, government sponsorships and corporate sponsorships.

Configure multiple payment and refund rules for each payment mode, schedule and funding method.

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