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Architect a foundation for HR processes with a robust set of best-in-class HRMS Cloud functionalities that enables you to increase productivity and performance, allowing you to lower your cost of ownership.

Deskera HRMS Cloud umbrellas an intensive line of features, including recruitment, payroll, performance, employee self service, employee claims, leaves, attendance, and training of employees, through its world-class offerings of Deskera HRMS, Deskera eLeave, Deskera eClaims and Deskera eTraining.

Deskera HRMS

Maximize on the efficiency of your workforce with Deskera HRMS, which provides easy-to-use features for paperless hiring, performance appraisals, payroll, timesheets, HRIS and more.

Deskera HRMS is a comprehensive and intuitive HRMS that facilitates management of the full range of HR functions and responsibilities. A powerful core database and extensive features-list makes HRMS and employee resource management administration easier, accurate, and more efficient.

  • Efficiently manage the hire-to-retire cycle of your people through an intuitive and smart employee administration interface.

  • Gain the maximum ROI on your human capital by tracking productivity for each employee with designated goals and KPI’s.

  • Set a record as the best chosen employer in the industry by ensuring punctual and fair generation of payroll each time.

  • Break the tradition of manual paperwork and allow your people to be a part of the HR processes through interactive self-service interface.

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Deskera eLeave

Automate and streamline your leave workflow with Deskera Leave & Attendance Manager

Deskera eLeave is a hassle-free and effective tool for applying leaves and knowing your leave status. Our flexible leave management system empowers your organization to effectively apply leave policies, lower leave administration costs and ensure a more productive workforce.

  • Eliminate unnecessary paperwork and save a lot of time through online leave applications which allow you to focus on your core business processes.

  • The leave pattern of the employees can be monitored and hence proactive measures to manage the workforce can be undertaken by the management.

  • Comprehensive reports give you an option to analyze the attendance trends amongst the employees.

  • Applying leaves online by the employees can remove a tremendous strain on the HR department, as otherwise most of their time is spent in handling queries on leave balance for employees.

Deskera eClaims

Hassle-free and effective tool to automate and streamline the entire claims management workflow

Automate and streamline the entire Claims Management work flow with the help of this effective Expense Claims Management application.

  • The comprehensive reporting feature helps to track and analyze the claims trends amongst the employees.

  • Monitor employees claims and take proactive measures to manage the resources.

  • Eliminate unnecessary paperwork and save a lot of time by efficiently managing claims documents.

  • Keep your claims organized by efficient claims case and task tracking.

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Deskera eTraining

Polish your organization’s talent pool with Deskera eTraining, an interactive and intuitive application which enables you to get a single view of all training activities, courses, training content, reports and more.

Deskera eTraining is an all-in-one intuitive system which includes features such as Competency Management, Training Needs Analysis Management, Training Funds (HRDF) and Claims Management, Trainer Management, Employee Growth Path and Resource Management Built-in with Deskera Training and Talent Management Suite.

  • Manage simple to complex training structures, training courses and pedagogy through best in its class training solution.

  • Plan, track and manage the knowledge base of your organisation through a self evolving content management system.

  • Continually improve your trainee’s performance with use of multiple assessment models and evaluation tools for a complete overview.

  • Plot and analyse your workforce’s career graph through only of its kind training competencies management and analytics tools.

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