Payroll Management

Easily process payroll with a few clicks. Automate calculations, deductions, and salary payments. Generate detailed and accurate payroll reports.

Efficiently manage payroll processing and accurately pay employees with ease. Automate payroll, from employee onboarding to tax filings. Eliminate manual errors with accurate calculations at every step. Streamline and simplify payroll processes with automated payroll rules. Leverage comprehensive payroll reporting to gain real-time insights.

Ensure compliance with the latest tax regulations and laws. Enable easy integration with existing systems to ensure seamless payroll processing. Customize payroll rules to accurately pay employees based on their individual entitlements. Enable multiple payment methods to maximize employee satisfaction. Generate accurate payroll reports quickly and easily. Enjoy complete control and visibility over payroll operations with Deskera.

Automate payroll calculations and employee payments.

Easily access employee payment information in one secure, centralized location.

Reduce paperwork and save time with automated payroll processing.

Key Features of Payroll Management
with Deskera ERP.

Setup Payroll System

Establish the necessary information and data required for payroll processing

Enter Employee Information

Input employee information into the system, including salary, deductions, and taxes

Generate Payroll Reports

Generate detailed reports of payroll data, such as paychecks and payment summaries

Calculate Tax Withholdings

Calculate and withhold taxes from employee paychecks

Automate Payroll Processes

Automate payroll processes such as calculating salaries, deductions, and taxes

Manage Employee Benefits

Manage employee benefits such as health insurance and retirement savings

Generate Payment Schedules

Generate payment schedules to ensure timely payment of salaries

Track Employee Time

Track employee time for accurate calculation of wages and overtime pay

Integrate With Accounting Software

Integrate with accounting software to ensure all payroll data is up to date

Pay Employees

Pay employees according to the payment schedule and withhold necessary taxes

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Deskera Payroll Management