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Educational CRM

Manage your relationship with effective training management.

View qualified leads automatically based on predefined criteria such as academic qualifications, years of experience, and other custom criteria. It enables you to capture the contact information of trainees, partners and organizations via forms published across the web.

Account Management enables organizations to deliver ongoing communication and support at low costs and also provides support for multiple partner types such as training providers, placement agencies, and content partners. Utilize the rich and easy-to-use portal features to ensure continued interaction with trainees and partners, right from recruitment to retention.

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Deliver world-class service to all constituents with integrated case tracking, ticketing system, online help and FAQs. It helps you to leverage inbuilt discussion forums by setting up dedicated interactive support forums for trainees, partners, instructors and other constituents. It enables you to identify and predict problems in time through in-depth case analytics.

Create rich and intuitive templates and maintain a central repository for campaign templates. It helps you to plan and implement social media campaigns; support programs and track the buzz with real-time integration with popular media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, and more.

Educational CRM System includes lead generation, account management, customer service and campaign management. It is designed to cut the cost of acquisition as inquiries may be lost if proper follow-up is not done. It enables you to implement customer relationship, and sales and support process for learners and partners, as well as other constituents of your organization’s academic environment. It helps you to take account of the best strategic practices to attract trainees that fit your training programs. You can leverage inbuilt Web 2.0 functionalities such as social networking, blogs, wikis, discussion forums, document sharing, event calendars, videos and scheduling of email campaigns, for a group of leads and users based on system events.

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