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Deskera faculty management software maintains comprehensive faculty information, including qualifications and skill sets. Faculty suitability for courses is intelligently identified and suggested based on course requirements and faculty qualifications. Optimize work allocation to faculty and staff based on job type, or for a specific occupation, and present time schedules of each staff member without conflicts. Customize teaching periods and assign classes to specific staff.

Maintain contract documents and define triggers to remind faculty and administrators of contract expiry dates. Contract renewal details, including promotions, salaries and designations, can be captured with Deskera’s Faculty Management software.

Maintain comprehensive faculty workload details for each term. If faculty members are involved in more than the number of stipulated courses in a single term, workload adjustments to balance the same can be made in the next term.

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Get feedback from the students and encourage future participation among students. Capture students’ feedback across courses to measure faculty performance. Incorporate “Single Course Faculty Evaluation” (SCFE) to compare and evaluate faculty across departments, domains and courses.

Manage research projects to augment new courses and education programs, and track their progress on a regular basis. Create budgetary allocations for research, as well as define criteria for grants. View and join centers of excellence in ongoing research projects through project portals.

Deskera’s Faculty Management software allows you to maintain comprehensive faculty management information, including qualifications and skill sets, contract documents, define triggers to remind faculty and administrators of contract expiry dates and more, in the Faculty Management system. Capturing faculty data in multiple ways results in data inconsistencies and raises questions about how best to enhance data quality, accuracy, security, ease and timeliness of reporting while increasing cost effectiveness.

Faculty Management helps the faculty to communicate easily with students, to give students access to class documents, and for the convenience and transparency of the online gradebook.

Notify thousands of your staff with real-time updates via email, messaging and SMS alerts on news, events, announcements, attendance, evaluations, holidays, and emergencies. Select any faculty, staff and contacts for recipients.

Generate flexible and reliable reports to manage faculty and staff effectively. Customize reports with statistics and charts to support decision-making and map individual objectives to institution priorities.

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