Deskera MRP Legacy

Delivery PlanningLegacy

Maintain a central repository for customer shipment and delivery details

Define the delivery method for an order package with details such as the product name, product ID, product quantity, work order ID, vendor name, vendor ID, package type and shipment status.

Record the billing and shipping address for the delivery of your work orders. Enter shipping details like city, state, zip code, recipient name, contact person, etc. The billing address can also be set as the same as the shipping address.

Get a comprehensive view of Resource Name and Resource Type via Resource List as well as Task Name, Start Date and End Date via Task List. You can resolve the conflicted task from the Task List.

Define whether a customer delivery order is to be packaged internally or whether it is to be sent out for external packaging. For external packaging, quality parameters can be set. Enter package details like the product ID, work order ID, vendor name, vendor ID, unit weight, etc.

web based erp software

Create internal and external packaging orders and define the packaging costs associated with them, along with order details such as work order ID, vendor name, vendor ID and packaging type.

Conduct inspection procedures or specify quality check parameters for individual packaged materials to detect packaging anomalies. Quality check can be set up for both internal and external packages.

Evaluate and set up delivery guidelines for different order packages and track work orders as they go through different stages of delivery. Maintain vendor and customer shipping and billing records and define internal or external methods of packaging. A delivery order can also be linked to its corresponding work order and quality checks for all packaged orders can also be carried out.

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