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Delivers a robust yet cost-efficient demand forecasting and planning solution to manufactures of all sizes

Producing a forecast begins with defining a criteria template. Criteria templates indicate which sales history to analyze and how the system should perform the forecast calculation. Record criteria template details such as title, forecast ID, product name, product ID, product type, quantity, forecast year, report type, report date, years of history, forecasting method and work order type.

You can view the list of existing criteria templates along with graph view, map to work order and map to sales order details.

Keep track of forecast method details such as method name, method ID, method type, alpha factor, trend factor, year of history and more. You can assign forecast methods to work orders. Maintain forecast methods based on trends and analysis.

You can view the list of existing forecast methods along with graph view.

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Deskera MRP Demand Forecasting and Planning module improves forecast accuracy and responsiveness to ever-changing customer demand. Using this module, you can analyze sales shipment history, calculate forecasts and update demand for MRP Software.

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