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Optimize machine usage to increase capacity

Maintain data repository for active and substitute machines, create machine maintenance schedule and calculate the production cost via Deskera MRP Machine Master module.

Easily record details of new and existing active machines, currently operational in the system. Capture details such as Machine Name, Machine ID, Machine Type, Machine Serial Number, Date of Purchase, Process, Purchase and Amount. You can assign active machines to asset groups and manage machine leases.

You can map substitute machines to active machines. Maintain many-to-one relationship between substitute and active machines. Capture details such as Active Machine(s), Date of Purchase, Process and Purchase amount. You can assign substitute machines to asset groups and manage machine leases.

Having a routine schedule for checking critical components and devices in the system increase the longevity of the system and it help reduce downtime. Track and monitor machine insurance schedules and terms to ensure routine schedule for checking critical components and devices that will help increase the longevity of the machines. Monitor due dates for machine maintenances and track in-house or external maintenance schedules.

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Compare machine and labor optimal resource utilization via Man Machine Ratio. Use Man Machine Ratio reports to plan tasks in case of resource shortage.

Maintain machine breakdown history, track machine shipment and delivery during repair, manage vendors. Manage gatepass for vendors and machines, internally and externally.

Deskera MRP Machine Master module manages complete machine information such as operating capacity, process, date of installation and more. Maintenance recommendations should be used as the basis for establishing or refining a maintenance schedule.

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