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Plan and schedule the production of all your manufacturing items

Develop a production schedule for the manufacturing of products, along with a short-range plan of estimated work that is expected to be completed within a stipulated time period. Manage work orders, assign job tasks, track task progress and resolve resource conflicts.

Schedule work orders and create timely demand for the procurement of the required materials. Monitor work order progress and update the status of any order to keep your material planning schedule valid. Work orders can also be linked to corresponding sales orders and routing templates can be defined accordingly.

Manage indent tasks by defining parent and child tasks. Assign sub-tasks under different parent tasks to generate a sequence for production and view task hierarchy in the form of a tree structure. Different values for quality check parameters can be defined for different indent tasks.

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Track the speed of the production process and prioritize tasks in order to deliver an on-time high quality product. Multiple tasks can be defined under the same work order and task progress report can be generated to get better insight into the actual completion status as opposed to the estimated target.

Prioritize tasks and plan better to meet deadlines with the help of a to-do list. Define a clear outline of completed and pending tasks to stay focussed and organized. You can define multiple work tasks under the same to-do list. Different values can be assigned to quality check parameters for multiple to-do list levels.

Work orders and job tasks can be modified to accommodate last minute alterations or to solve load, capacity and material concerns. Start or stop the progress of a work order with a single click. Tasks assigned to a work order can be rescheduled or the entire work order can be rescheduled, if required.

Settle internal resource conflicts to ensure project interests are protected and delivery is executed as planned. Access and view the availability calendar for all your machine and labour resources so that there is no work conflict. Tasks can be reassigned and conflicts can be resolved.

The Master Production Schedule gives the production, planning and purchasing department all the information needed to plan and control manufacturing operations. Create a Master Production Schedule to plan the future production of all your manufacturing items. Get real time task progress reports to forecast overall business planning and operations, and to drive detailed production requirements.

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