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Enhance the Product Process Cycle via Deskera MRP Product Master module

Define Multi-level Bill of Material (BOM) and formulae for products. Assign Quality Check parameters, define UOM, assign substitute products, analyze inventory status, execute BOM explosion, evaluate and track price changes.

Add product as inventory or non-inventory part, inventory assembly or service. Record details such as units of measure, initial quantity, price, product license type, reusability and update related purchase and sales accounts.

Set parameters for Quality Check for all inventory parts and assembly parts. Link BOM Codes to quality parameters. Define Quality Groups, assign parameters to each group. Maintain QC Ratings and detail QC description for each product. View QC parameters as checklist at task level during real production. Maintain list of QC rejected items, record item reusability, recyclability, repair and disposal.

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Keep track of your Inventory Adjustment Accounts, set Reorder Levels, Reorder Quantity and UOM. For a product to be appropriately defined under the perpetual inventory accounting, mapping is required in the product or the product category.

Define a Multi-Level BOM structure with multiple combinations of inventory parts and inventory assemblies. Define alternate BOMs and map them to different work orders. View BOM in a tree structure which displays list of all components that comprise the final product. User can easily view the parent child relationship between the product components.

Deskera MRP Product Master module manages complete product information such as description, price, opening stock and more. Discrete manufacturing uses complex Multi-Level BOMs while process manufacturing uses multiple formulae. Both discrete and process manufacturers rely on Deskera as it offers all necessary tools essential to compete successfully in the marketplace and to maximize profits.

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