Deskera MRP Legacy

Routing MasterLegacy

Define routing paths and assign route codes to multiple work structures for easy identification

Record routing template details such as routing template, product, BOM code, work center, machine(s), labor(s) and alternate routing details.

Convert routing template into routing code to finalize the production plan for finished goods. Create multiple routing codes and link them to multiple products.

Keep track of your new plan task for routing template with details such as product type, BOM code, work center, machine, labor and alternate routing detail. You can assign sequence of tasks to routing template.

web based erp software

Deskera MRP Routing Master module manages complete routing information such as routing template, BOM code, work center, machine ID, labor name, duration type and more. Routing code allows the same routing to be used for multiple items. One item can also be made using one of several routings.

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