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Standard CostingLegacy

Monitor the complete cost incurred for manufacturing of an end product

Define different direct and indirect costs and analyze production expenses based on your manufacturing processes. Monitor the labor, material and overhead costs and represent the complete expenditure incurred for producing a finished product.

Create and save multiple cost categories to classify manufacturing costs. These cost categories can be applied to different manufacturing items and processes. Enter details like item name, ID, account category, account name, cost type and more.

Calculate costs in a standard cost estimate for production material. Enter details such as item name, type, quantity, estimated cost and total standard cost. You can calculate planned costs for individual as well as configurable products in the sales order.

Monitor overhead costs that include indirect factory related costs when a product is being manufactured. Manufacturing overhead involves a company’s factory costs other than the costs of direct materials and direct labor. Evaluating the overhead cost has significant impact on the measurement of a product’s profitability.

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Compile product costing templates based on the purchase price and the Bill of Material compiled for each manufacturing product. Cost templates include detailed product cost review sheet that is used for requirement planning. You can define multiple cost templates with details such as cost category, overhead type, overhead percentage, overhead amount and more.

Analyze manufacturing costing by examining the actual manufacturing cost as opposed to the budgeted cost. Define variance and link them to relevant account groups. Cost variances send early signals to management that the company is experiencing actual costs that are different from the company’s standard costing plan.

Standard costing helps understand the total value of inputs and outputs for a production process in a manufacturing unit. Determine the cost per unit of production to make informed decisions about production levels, pricing, competitive strategy and future investment. Determine the sum of costs of all resources consumed in the process of manufacturing which includes the direct material costs, direct labor costs and manufacturing overhead.

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