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Work Center MasterLegacy

Define the areas where manufacturing activities are performed and the manufacturing process is taken place

Work centers link work types with routing operations. Depending on how you plan and schedule work, you can set up work centers for an individual machine or for groups of similar machines.

Easily add new work center details such as work center name, work center ID, work center type, work center location, warehouse, work center capacity, work type and work center manager. Work center capacity is the total number of hours the work center is available to do work.

Map machines, labors, materials, products and warehouses to work center. Define locations and assign work center managers.

You can view the list of existing work centers along with product, machine and labor details.

web based erp software

Deskera MRP Work Center Master module manages complete work center information such as warehouse ID, work center location, work type and more. Uniquely identify a work center by a work center ID along with warehouse ID.

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