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Work OrderLegacy

Map your work orders with available finished goods and plan for an accurate production

Assess component availability, map work orders to available stock and plan for an accurate production. Link Sales Orders to Work Orders and continuously monitor resource availability for automatic restocking or reordering. Assign routing templates and codes to work orders and map it to different BOM codes.

Easily add new work order details such as work order name, product, BOM, work order ID, quantity, work center, machine(s), date of delivery, labor(s), work order type and work order status.

Check component availability for each work order via this feature. View required quantity, ordered quantity, blocked quantity and available quantity. Create Purchase Order or Purchase Requisition via this feature.

Define checklist against each task in a work order via this feature. You can map products to each task and subsequently, quality parameters will be automatically checked.

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Create To Do list and define whether a particular task is passed or failed via this feature. Assign values to check points as minimum passing value and value (out of 5).

Easily add new job work order details such as job work name, job work number, job work date, vendor, product, product quantity, date of shipment and date of delivery.

Easily add new sales order details such as currency, sales order number, sales order date and credit term. Similarly, you can add customer, currency, contract ID, contact person, contract term, contract start date and contract end date. Work Order will be automatically linked to Sales Order or Sales Contract.

Deskera MRP Work Order module manages complete work order information such as work order name, work order ID, customer name, sales order, sales contract, quantity and more. Generate work orders for configured products directly from a sales order. Every work order has a BOM and a routing code, which determine the order’s product structure and routing.

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