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A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of training programs, classroom and online events, e-learning programs, and training content. With LMS Software, you can manage users, courses, podcasts, documents, recorded webinars, videos, discussion forums, registrations for webinars, and online training classes. At a time when change is faster than ever a key advantage of e-learning is that it has faster delivery cycle times than traditional classroom-based instruction as there is no practical limitation on the number of available classrooms and trainers. E-learning can also save trees by saving paper as it presents all learning content online, or providing alternatives to paper-based forms of communication through such tools as email, PDF manuals, synchronous classrooms, and other web-based tools.

Create & Deliver Online Training

Learning Management System helps you to create online training programs by uploading PowerPoint, images, audio and/or video files to create online training programs. With Learning Management system you can import videos from YouTube or record your voice to make your training more engaging.

Publish & Share Your Lessons Anytime, Anywhere

Learning Management System allows you to share your learning content online, offline, or via mobile devices. Multiple publishing & content delivery options of LMS enable you to deliver your training anytime, anywhere, on-demand.

Socialize Your Training

Provide your training in an interactive and collaborative environment with Learning Management System. Engage with your audience through chat, discussion forum, notes & annotations.

Powerful Reporting

Powerful reporting feature of Learning Management System lets you easily keep track of student’s activity in real-time. Also, you can export reports to multiple formats such as pdf, xls, csv.

Mobile Learning

The mobile LMS enables faculty to create, deploy and manage learning and e-training content, publish courses and place them in an online catalog and/or assign courses to learners.

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